Friday, 17 June 2016

The Forth Gate 

Book Three of the Dragon World Series

A BIG announcement for everyone who has been waiting for the third book in my Dragon World series. There has been many momentous things coming between its completion and publication including my book, The Wheel of the Year, but finally, The Forth Gate, is due to be released in time for Christmas.  I am really excited about its publication and will keep you informed of progress as the time goes by.
In the meanwhile here is a short taster.

The Forth Gate

Chapter One

Fight and Flight

                     Ribbons of smoke whipped and curled around the dragons' wings as they circled the burning village. Squat, bestial shapes ran from house to house with burning torches. Smoke billowed from barns and homes but there was little the villagers could do. They were farmers and ill equipped to fight off an attack by goblins and had taken refuge in the sky on their dragons. It was a scene Robby and Abigail were getting only too familiar with. The guard took up position above the village. The archers pealed away while the landing party dropped toward the earth. Robby caught a brief glimpse of Abigail as she joined the archers' formation then his dragon, Frenzel, followed the others toward the ground. He loosened the sword at his back and prepared to dismount as Frenzel levelled out. They skimmed a grassy bank and Robby leapt from Frenzel's back running a few stumbling steps, arms flailing, trying to regain his balance.
                     'Damn this new dismount,' he cursed under his breath as he tripped again only just managing to catch himself. 'It'll be the death of me.'
                      He felt Frenzel's amusement filter through their bond followed by his silent warning. Before Robby could draw his sword an arrow whipped past his head and embedded itself in a goblin running toward him, scimitar raised. Robby gave a quick glance skyward where Dimble and Abigail swooped around in a tight circle.
                      Thanks, Abs, he said silently knowing that through the link which Frenzel and Abigail’s dragon, Dimble, shared she would hear him.
                      Then he drew his sword and was ready when the next goblin pounded toward him.

Excerpt from The Forth Gate, book three of The Dragon World Series by Maureen Murrish. All rights reserved.

Dragon Eye illustration by kind permission of MaRoC68-d401vj5 at deviantart.

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