Monday, 14 December 2015

Yule 20 -21 December

Blessings at Yule everyone.  Though Yule is one of the Lesser Sabbats in the pagan calender it is, never the less, a magical time. We are all caught up with the preparations for Christmas now whether we are practising Christians or not.  But it is good to look to the reason many believe December the 25 was chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus. And it is good to immerse oneself in the ways of the Old Ones and understand what this time of year has represented since long before the birth of Jesus.

Excerpt from
A Beginner's Guide to Celebrating the Traditional Pagan Festivals of the Seasons

Yule is the Winter Solstice. The Goddess is Crone while the God, still in the guise of Holly King relinquishes power to the re-born Oak King. The returned Oak King will guide us through the cold winter days while he slowly lengthens the days and prepares the land for Spring. This turning point of the year has been celebrated for many, many centuries. For the Norse and Saxon Pagans it marked the beginning of the New Year. The ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia celebrated the Winter Solstice. Their celebrations lasted for seven days during which time homes were decorated with winter greenery and there was dancing and feasting and gift-giving to honour the Oak King as the re-born sun. Sound familiar? 
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Blessed Be

Friday, 13 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. May the love of your life sweep you off your feet.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Imbolc 1-2 February

Could that be spring on the horizon? I hope so. I don't enjoy cold weather or cold weather sports or anything in fact that involves getting cold! So by Imbolc I am more than ready for the lighter nights and the sight of the spring bulbs pushing through. And that is what Imbolc is ultimately about - the warming of the earth, the promise of warmer weather and new growth. Though Imbolc is a Pagan festival it has been acknowledge in may other religions.
February the 2nd is Candlemas; a mass to bless the candles used in the following year. It is also the feast of purification of the Virgin Mary.
By Jewish law it took forty days for a woman to be cleansed following the birth of a son. And forty days prior to February 2nd is December the 25th.
From my book, The Wheel of the Year.

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