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Maureen Murrish was born in Co Durham, England close to both the sea and the countryside; the love of both has never left her.  During her working life she has been a nurse, a soldier and a swimming instructor amongst other things.

  She has also raised her beautiful daughter.

Maureen began creating fictional characters and telling stories to amuse her younger sister when they were still children. Her first novella, The Lost Sorcerer, was published January 2012. The first two books of the Dragon World series -The Bonding Crystal and The Missing Link, were published February 2012 and February 2013.  All are fantasy adventure books for teens and young adults.

Hi, thanks for stopping by for a look. I am a self-published author of Young Adult Fantasy novels which are available as eBook and paper back. 

I have always been interested in writing and telling stories but didn't seriously start putting them onto paper until many years after I told my first story to my little sister. That's her in the middle. She's not so little now, though she wouldn't thank me for saying so! I  have no idea what those stories were about now but I know they had lots of elves and fairies and magic in them. Margaret seemed to enjoy them and they worked a charm in getting her to sleep! But, to be fair, we were in bed and that was the objective at the time.
Jean, Dorothy, Margaret, Irene and Maureen

 I still write adventures with magic and dragons and mystical creatures just as I did when we were children only now I like to think they have more substance than they did when I was 10! And I have had no reports of them putting my readers to sleep thank goodness.

My sisters, brother and I were raised close to the sea and I have wonderful memories of family days out at the beach with sandy sandwiches and scratchy towels and the long tired walk home for a bath, a warm drink and bed.

Doubloon Zebedee

After leaving school I went into office work and have since had a variety of jobs none of which involved writing or publishing. At the moment I work full time and fit my writing into every spare moment. Actually, there aren't an awful lot of moments spare once I add in spending time with my family and my British Shorthair cats which I show and breed.

My books; The Lost Sorcerer and the Dragon World series, are aimed at readers from around 10 years of age up to young adult. but I know they are enjoyed by the, shall we say 'older adult' too. Book three of Dragon World is currently in progress. I am also planning a new series involving ghosts, witches and warlocks and a necromancer named, Grace. Most recently published is 'The Wheel of the Year'. This is a non-fiction book based on the eight Festivals of the Wheel as celebrated by modern-day Pagans. Pop over to to 'My Books' for more information and a list of my available books and where to find them.
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