Saturday, 6 October 2012


Book two of the Dragon World series
 is now live on amazon.

So many of you have been in touch to ask when the second book -THE MISSING LINK- would be available and I am delighted to say - NOW.

In this volume Robby hopes that he and Abigail will have a chance to get to know Moilana and its people better during their visit to Dragon World. But his hopes are shattered much sooner than he could have imagined when Dimble goes missing and Abigail is seriously injured. Robby suspects the secret Abigail and Dimble refused to share is at the heart of the problem but Abigail remains stubbornly silent on the subject. He finds himself part of a rescue mission that goes fatally wrong leaving him, Frenzel and Abigail stranded in the wild-lands beyond the northern mountains and searching for Dimble without backup. When, finally, he discovers what Dimble and Abigail have been hiding he has to re-evaluate everything he thought he knew about Dimble. And the role the Four must play in the future.

Read it and enjoy.

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