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Sometimes I can get so carried away with all the fabulous indie authors out there that I forget to tell you about my own books. So, I thought it was time to give you a taste of one of my books as well as all those of the other great indie authors in the YA indie carnival. Here is a synopsis and an excerpt from the first book in my Dragon World series. Enjoy!
The Bonding Crystal (Dragon World-Book 1)
Maureen Murrish
Synopsis - It is a shock when 14 year old, Robby, discovers he is to be bonded to a dragon. It is an even bigger shock when he realises that before he and his dragon stand any chance of bonding they have to prevent the evil-one from killing his fellow
bondlings and destroying the inhabitants of the city he is just learning to love. Only his onetime protector, Abigail who, despite all the rules, insists on tagging along and a strange little dragon who has been condemned to live life as an outcast are able to help him.

The Bonding Crystal is available as an ebook on:-

Also available in iBooks and other notable providers of eBooks.

Excerpt from The Bonding Crystal

Time passed slowly. Abigail slid gently sideways and lay curled next to him, sleeping but clutching her stick. Robby didn’t wake her. The night was quiet and there was no chance of him falling asleep, he was much too cold and alert for that. He sat shivering and thinking about the uneasy relationship that existed between the three of them and felt torn. His and Abigail’s relationship had always been on firm ground. A part of him was aware that, where she had led, he had followed. Now however, his instincts told him to follow Frenzel. He was not sure if he liked this much better. He was dimly aware that perhaps the urge to lead might be nobler. What was worse, he felt like a traitor. He knew Abigail must be feeling left out and hurt. And he knew that was part of the reason she challenged Frenzel so much. He could hardly believe the ease with which he had come to trust Frenzel. Being with him had become so important so quickly. But Robby felt bad about Abigail and had no idea how to make it right with her. Then there were Frenzel’s feelings to consider, it was only too obvious how he felt about Abigail. He sighed, he didn’t want to hurt either of them but he was in the middle and could see no way to keep both of them happy. He climbed down to put more wood onto the fire then resumed his chilly vigil.
A glimmer of rosy light was showing on the horizon and Robby was still mulling over his feelings when he heard the first soft snuffling. He listened, leaning out slightly to catch the sound again, unsure if it was simply a changing note of the river. Another soft snuffle, this time he knew it wasn’t the river. But before he could do anything about it, the whole world went mad.
The trip rope clanged its warning and an impossible bellow almost shattered his eardrums. At the same moment the net was wrenched from under him as something heavy crashed into it almost toppling him off the boulder. Robby made a desperate grab for the sleepy Abigail but was unable to save her. Abigail, lying on the edge of the net, was dragged off the boulder and into the path of the invader. Horrified, Robby leaped down after her just as her terrified screams mingled with the unearthly bellowing.

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