Monday, 26 August 2013

Family Page or Fan Page

This week the YA are discussing the benefits of a Fan Page on Facebook as opposed to a Family Page.
 Like most members of the YA I have a fan page on Facebook: - 
 I also have a couple of private pages for likeminded people as well as my public page. The difference between them is that I try and put only things that I think may interest my fans on my Fantasy Fiction page. I post things about my own and other authors writing, quirky facts and titbits of information. I try to strike a balance between personal information overload yet still give my fans an idea of who I am as a person not just as a writer.  Whatever I post on this blog is automatically published on my Fantasy Fiction page but my Fantasy Fiction page will also have other bits and pieces I find which I think may be of interest.  

Another really interesting and fun outlet is Pinterest. I have a number of pinterest boards at: -   where I post information about my own and other Indie Authors’ work, such as where to read excerpts and were to buy our books.

Hardwick Park Sculpture 
On the board named, Fantasy Island, I have created a place I would retreat to write if I could. Another named, My World, is for a few of the things that make up my world; things that strike a chord, things that could have been written about me and the some of the things that make me smile.

My Pages and Boards give me an opportunity to engage with fans and offer a little bit more about me and the books I write and I love. Am I getting the balance right? Have a look at the links and tell me what you think. Too much info? Not enough? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

See what the other members of the YA are saying.


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