Friday, 6 June 2014

Readers In The Know.

I have just been made aware of this really useful new site called readers in the know.

One aspect of the site is, predictably enough, for readers. Once you put in your reading preferences it will narrow down the selection helping you find a great book. The great bit is they will let you know about any current or upcoming promotions on books that fit your preferences so you could get them when they are reduced or even for free.

The other part of the site is of particular interest for authors, especially Indie authors. Here is how it explains its role;  The purpose of this site is to expose you and your books to large numbers of readers looking for great deals, and to notify those readers of any promotions and events you run. We will also help you to manage your promotion schedule and track the results. 

The reader aspect of the site is totally free.
The Author / Publisher facilities are free for the first three months. Readers in the know is linked to Amazon and any books, both paperback and kindle, you have available there can be added to the site really easily. If you use my promotion code 2NHWH2BN when you sign up you and I will get 10 free advertising credits. I am definitely giving it a try. My books are on there now and I will be using it to run upcoming promotions within the next three months. .
Have a look, see what you think.

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