Thursday, 13 February 2014

In-depth interview on Smashwords.

Hi everyone. I have just had published an in-depth Question and Answer interview on Smashwords. I thought a good way to celebrate the release of The Bonding Crystal  as a paperback would be to share some of my dark secrets. Here is a sample;
Describe your desk
Well, my desk is large and neat with everything in its place. A picture of order in fact. But that is because I rarely use it! My work place of choice is my kitchen table, unfortunately a round table which makes it a bit awkward to work at and it is usually littered with bits of paper scribbled with 'great ideas' and 'maybe come in handy' snippets, and a kitten or probably two. The kittens are the reason I work at the kitchen table. I often have kittens to look after and don't like leaving them alone for days on end when I get immersed in writing. In fact I have a little white girl tugging at my sleeve demanding attention as I type - and then retype.
What are you working on next?
It is a bit of a change of pace for me as I am working on a non fiction book called The Wheel of the Year. It is based on the eight festivals, or Sabbats in the Pagan year which date back to pre-Christian times and are linked to the changing of the seasons.
I give an outline of the festivals as celebrated by modern Pagans along with their history and ways in which they can be celebrated today. I have used my many years experience as a practising Pagan to provided enough information to satisfy most early seekers without getting lost in detail. It will provide a solid base from where the reader can build on their knowledge.
Take a look here for more and let me know if there are other questions you would like to ask. 

The Bonding Crystal will be available at createspace  from tomorrow 14 February and shortly after at amazon   


  1. I have read The Lost Sorcerer to my autistic son who has never really delved much into the fantasy genre. To my surprise he totally engaged with the story and the characters, a sign therefore that the book creates the world where fantastic things happen yet tined with a dose of reality to make the storyline plausible and accessible. It is a cracking good story!

  2. Thank you, Dan, that is great to hear. I'm sure he will enjoy The Bonding Crystal just as much. Let me know.