Friday, 14 February 2014

IT IS HERE. The Bonding Crystal is available in paperback!

And to give you a taste of what you are missing here is 
an excerpt from:
Released in paperback on 14 February 2014.

Robby looked over his shoulder and saw one of the snufflers getting down on his hands and knees to crawl into the bush where he and Abigail lay. He glanced at Abigail's terrified face as she lay in a tight protective ball next to him. The goblin was still sniffing the ground as he came and Robby drew his legs up as Abigail had done. He waited until the grappling fingers were within reach of his foot and then kicked out with all his might. He felt the sole of his boot connect with flesh and bone and the goblin let out a howl of pain. Instantly the others stormed the bush. Abigail and Robby got to their knees and began to crawl. Branches tore Robby’s skin and clothes as they scrambled through the bush toward a gap in the ring of goblins. Pulling himself free and grabbing Abigail tightly by the hand he stood up and started to run. The goblins saw them at once and with a howl of delight gave chase. Robby and Abigail had gone no further than a few metres when he felt grasping fingers clutching at his robes. Abigail screamed and fell to the ground with a goblin
holding her ankle. Robby turned to face them at the same time the ear-splitting scream of an angry dragon came from above. The goblins hesitated and looked up as Frenzel descended bellowing his rage. The sound and sight of an angry dragon was awesome. Robby instinctively threw his arms over his head and crouched low to the ground. Frenzel dove into the midst of the goblins closest to Robby and Abigail. Some were almost man high, yet the way Frenzel threw them aside they could be no more than straw dolls. Even in his terror Robby was astonished at Frenzel’s strength and realized he hadn’t fully appreciated his power until now. Keeping low Robby launched himself at the goblin holding Abigail. Wrapping his arms around the goblin’s neck he kicked at the back of his legs trying to over balance him, but he hadn’t the strength of Frenzel. The goblin stood firm and roared his anger. A second goblin came to help and Robby was grabbed in hands like claws, pulled away from Abigail’s attacker and held firm. He and Abigail were dragged to the shelter of the trees where Frenzel could no longer defend them. Robby could do nothing but watch helplessly as Frenzel continued to fight alone.

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